• 16May
    Written By Tony Barlow

    Definition of HUNTING : the activity or sport of chasing and killing wild animals : the activity of searching for something I found the definition above very interesting. Two words jumped out at me in the definition; chasing and searching. Often when I am hunting I find myself doing something that is almost completely opposite of those two terms; waiting. For most modern day hunters stand hunting is a common practice. We do the chasing

  • 16Mar
    Written By Tony Barlow

    For the hard core hunter, the hunting season never really ends. Actual hunting in the fall leads into shed hunting in the late winter and then food plot prep and heavy scouting in the spring and summer. If you are more of a seasonal outdoorsman (like me) than the early summer months probably find you on the water, casting for bass, walleyes or muskies. I am an absolute diehard bass fisherman so this is one

  • 16Feb
    Written By Tony Barlow

      Whether you are a bowhunter or a gun hunter; an amateur or a professional, your TIME in the woods is extremely valuable. In fact, time may be your most important asset when it comes to hunting, more important than your expensive bow, your collection of trail cameras or all the online research you can do. With that being said, I am guessing almost every hunter wishes they could be in the woods more. With most hunters

  • 23Nov
    Written By Tony Barlow

    Journaling is something that has been an important part of hunting for a very long time. One could even say that cave drawings were the first record of a hunting journal. Closer to home many of us maybe remember paging through the tattered hunting journal of a grandfather, reading about his adventures and harvests page by page. For whatever reason keeping a hunting journal has become less of a priority for many hunters, a lack

  • 18Dec
    Written By Tony Barlow

    Now that a little time has passed I feel like I can share some of my experiences from the Minnesota Deer Hunting season. The season ran for 10 days starting on November 3rd. Because of our zone we are limited to hunting with shotguns. I hunted with a my 20 gauge slug gun. My father-in-law graciously worked out a lease for a piece of land near their place north of the Twin Cities. The farm