Method Outdoors Hunting Journal

The Method Outdoors Hunting Journal is a printable hunting journal built specifically for whitetail hunters. We make journaling about your hunts easy with hunting specific variables and large areas for freehand journaling. We have also created a one of a kind section for planning your hunts. The ability to plan your hunts in the summer and then journal about your hunts during the hunting season is going to change the way you hunt. 

Hunting smarter is the goal of the Method Outdoors Hunting Journal. It is time to stop wasting your precious hunting time sitting in stands that never produce. By recording your information in an easy format, like the Method Outdoors Hunting Journal provides, you will make smarter choices and become a more efficient and successful hunter. We have also provided a number of sections for you to organize your “hunting life.” Check out all of the features below:

Detailed Look at Method Outdoors Hunting Journal


  • Comprehensive selection of organizational lists (see below)
  • Separate Planning and Journaling sections
  • Comprehensive weather recording section to help with journaling
  • Journaling fields are already created giving you a head start for writing in your journal​
  • Planning and Journaling pages have blank date lines to accommodate all hunters
  • Once you buy the journal you will have UNLIMITED access to print more pages
  • Journal can be used for multiple years or you can start a new journal each year
  • End of the year section to wrap up the season and set next year’s goals

Organizational List Items:

  • Hunting Contacts
  • Hunting Properties/Leases
  • Food Plot Records
  • Tree Stands/Blind Locations
  • The Hit List
  • Rut Tracker
  • Deer Tracker/Trail Camera Reports
  • Equipment Catalog
  • Shopping List
  • Memories to Make/Goals
  • Scouting Notes

*Journal is printable which means once you order it you will be given access to a PDF version of your journal which you are then responsible for printing.​​

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